A skort is the definition of a wedgie.
I am left handed.

she has a mole on her cheek and left eyelid

I like people with a passion -- a passion for food, for laughter, for music...anything. Passion is the fuel of life.

 "want some, have some, better 'nough, take some"

I am an INFP: Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. I am also a Chinese Metal Monkey.
I am the only 22 year old I know with stuffed animals and dolls all over her room, that orders Wendy's kid's meals for their toys, and that still uses lipsmackers. *Mwwuaaah.*

there's a dimple on my chin, but only when i'm smiling hard.

when i get in a laughing mood (or in a smiling mood, for that matter), i can't stop.
i'm a pisces.

I'm fresh.

i cry a lot for stupid reasons.
I cry in private.
i hate pms.

I'm a real procrastinator.

Sometimes I think I'm CRAZEE.

My perfect guy: "lively" eyes, clean, good-looking hands (the sexier the better) has soft lips and a smooth tongue, charming, dependable, easygoing, nurturing and supportive.

Chocolate is a passion of mine.

Kentucky IS better than Church's chicken.

I hear voices all the time.
When I was little, I'd watch I Love Lucy, 
Sesame Street, Terminator, and Three's Company ALL the time. 
Explains my stupid sense of humor. 

In the end,
everything will be alright.