Work in Progress..

Feather and Fan Scarf
Yarn: Marks & Kattens' Dream (50% Akryl, 19% Polyamid, 18% Viscose, 13% Angora)
Pattern: This one (scroll down).
Completed: 54%

My first "lace" project. I came upon this yarn at Knitworks on Kingsway in Burnaby; it is SO nice, with the addition of the angora, and feels like Chenille on the skin. It's a light yarn, and the pattern was fun to work with...however be careful! If you drop a stitch you'll probably have to a) start over (like me) or b) rip out 3-4 inches to start over (also like me). :\

stripey soon-to-be-felted lunchtote
Felted Lunch Tote
Yarn: Alafoss Lopi, (Aran weight, 100% new wool)
Pattern: A hybrid of Booga J and Keyboard Biologist. Plus it's a whole lot bigger.
Completed: 80%

This is definately a fun project...and I can't believe it is knitting up so fast...thank GOD for stocking stitch on the round! It's straight knitting, save for the switching colours and picking up stitches for the partition. Soon to be finished. :)

hooded sweater
Light Blue Hooded Sweater
Yarn: Patons' Decor (worsted weight, 25% wool, 75% acrylic)
Pattern: Hooded sweater from Lionbrand...although I'm changing the yarn and gauge.
Completed: 2%? (If that!)

My first sweater! ...That's why I don't really care that the yarn is crapping up on me. It seems that this yarn is one of Patons' "cheaper" because of the blend, and the occasional LUMP in the yarn. That's right. You're peacefully knitting along, and along comes a lump. It's like they had underaged workers doing "spit splicing" here and there. *sigh* anyways...If it turns out nice, I will wear it. If not, I'll be happily sending it off to a charity after getting the experience of making a sweater! It's a win-win situation.