Hi there. My name is Jessica. I'm Chinese, but I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I have a four-character Chinese name which, accompanied by my left-handedness made me the one kid in my Saturday morning Chinese class with shaded fingers. My Chinese name means "quiet intellect", but to most CBC kiddies, it sounds like "making shit".

I have one older brother, Charles, by four years, but he usually acts with the maturity of someone who is four to eight years younger than me. I also have one younger sister, Sarah, who is nine years younger than me. I am very proud of her..although sometimes I can see qualities of various family members in her.

I am 23 years old and a full-time student in the Environmental Health program at BCIT. I am expected to graduate in two years. I hope it will go by quickly. I want to WORK!!!

When I was 4 years old, I attended the Chinese Presbytarian (sp?) Preschool on Cambie Street in Vancouver. Apparently, it's a popular place, as thirteen years later I would meet my best friend Mark B, whose father was a minister there, and at his wedding, I would find out that my boyfriend Mark Y's relatives were prominent members at the church. yaay. I also attended the Chinese classes at the church on Saturday mornings.

I lived in the same neighborhood for my *entire* life. I went to Cascade Heights Elementary, Moscrop Secondary (BEFORE it included grades 11 and 12), and Central High School. I had my share of being a social miscreant, but I suppose that those days are over...

After high school, I attended BCIT shortly before being accepted into Simon Fraser University. Unfortunately, after a year at university, I flunked out because I was being a dumbass and wasting my time, money, and energy.

I love food, so after toiling beind a cable counter at Rogers' Video for two years, I spent it on a Culinary Arts Diploma at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts at Granville Island. It was an enjoyable enough education and experience, but I needed something more. So I took the Food Technology Program at BCIT, graduated, and worked for (and continue to work for) a consulting company for the Food Industry. It is the best job I have had. No office politics, I can make my own hours, and I get to eat on the job.

I have tried to chronicle the past seven years of my life; however I have not been faithful to it, nor it to me. The main purpose of this journal is to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and to *know* that everything is ok in the end.

If there are any other additional questions just racking your brain, send them this way, and I'll post or reply as necessary.