May 7, 2004

Wow. This is wierd.

It's been a month and two weeks since I've written in here....I've been spending much too time using the forbidden (but convenient) Xanga. Shame on me. (But feel free to sign up and comment there.)

I've been busy. I hate to start all "these" entries this way, but I have been mad busy. Four presentations, two three reports, in a matter of 10 days. crazy. And in Land Use, we just noticed that we're supposed to have a midterm and final, both within two weeks. Yeah. NOW do you see why it's crazy???

Today I went to the court house as part of my Applied Law course. It was very interesting to drop in on court cases, learn some of the formalities of the court house, as well as make fun of K@r3n because she's socially-inept and and disfunctional as a person.

It was more interesting to see how some of these lawyers make their money. They're well off. They're wearing their $500 suits, hair slicked back, defending the grime of the East Side. The courthouse on Main conducts criminal there were theft, assault, and drug-related charges. Apparently, half the class dropped in on a drug-trafficking case where the accused was mentioned as having large sums of $20 bills, cocaine, and estacy, as well as illegal samurai swords in his home.

My afternoon was spent seeing a South American refugee (?) getting sentenced for child molestation. 3 years. He splattered on a 4 year old child, his niece, and was only sentenced to 3 years. I wanted to walk over to him and hurl on him. It made me sick to my stomach. The evidence included DNA testing on semen found on the childs' underpants, psychological reports on the child who now is "mistrusting of males, compulsively bathing and changing her clothes -- she fears being dirty", and who "has trouble sleeping".

The defendent, through a translator, said, "I do not want to undergo psychiatric treatment. If I still have to face deportation afterwards, I would rather be deported now than to go through treatment and still have to go back."

Things like this make me incredibly sad. How can someone do this? How can you so defiantly say that??? You've ruined a child's life...You do not deserve to live. I know I don't know the details of the case, I don't want to know. All I know is that the guy was found guilty of molesting a child.

The child...the child doesn't have a life anymore. She's compulsively trying to be clean, she cries, she fears of the injuries she received in the attacks; the criminal should have his life taken away as well. I have no qualms about sending him back to Guatemala. FUCK. And yet, we as taxpayers have paid our dues to our justice system to let them spend our money on an immigrant, when he doesn't want to stay in Canada under our conditions anyways. I say, send him back to rot.

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