The JohnDoe Neighborhood is an online cooperative of creative people. The site is paid for and maintained by its members -- creating a true neighborhood of online journals.

JohnDoe.Org's story began in the early, do-it-yourself days of journaling online. As somewhat of a pioneer in the movement, we're proud of our heritage, the many talented people that have been members of our neighborhood and our continued growth in the future.

We are currently seeking authors who wish to write regularly and contribute actively to the community. Our members enjoy a minimal maintenance fee* to help operate the site as it is the belief of the JohnDoe Neighborhood that we should be able to express ourselves creatively through both writing and design without limitation.

Following are the guidelines for new applicants:
  1. The applicant should already have established a journal online, even if only on a temporary server, such as GeoCities or Angelfire.
  2. The applicant's journal should be at least two months old.
  3. The applicant should write regularly and consistently, and should expect to update, on average, at least once a week if moving into the JohnDoe Neighborhood.

If you feel that you would find yourself at home in the Johndoe Neighborhood, feel out the handy, dandy form below to apply. Be sure to complete all fields as incomplete applications may not be accepted. Please allow up to one week for a response. Thank you for your interest in JohnDoe!

Who are you?
What's your e-mail?
How long have you been journaling?
How long have you been at your current host?
What's your URL?
Why do you want to join the neighborhood?
Have you ever bought x-ray glasses? Yes No


*$1.42 per month payable annually for 10 megabytes of storage space, a "yourname.johndoe.org" subdomain and POP3 access or e-mail forwarding. Please note that JohnDoe.Org generates no profit..

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